Cracked screen for ipad

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Our original 32 GB iPad mini, bought in late , has been a real workhorse in our family. It's the one most likely to leave the house on our vacations or when we're out and about and we know an iPhone's display won't be big enough. Recently, this lovely iPad fell off a small stand and did a 20 cm. Even though there was a thick table cloth, the display cracked, and cracked ugly.

The display looked like we could easily cut a finger if we touched it the wrong way. However, amazingly, everything else worked. It would boot up, the FaceTime camera worked as did all the buttons. Being the sort of fellow I am, I started to think about options. I wondered how much it would cost to replace. Or what I could get for it from Apple's recycle program. So we took it to the Apple store at Park Meadows Mall in Centennial, Colorado, and I, with planned escalation, had a chat with my favorite salesperson, Gary.

Would Apple, in a moment of unbridled generosity, simply replace it? The answer was "No. Could Apple repair or replace it? The answer was "Yes. Here's Apple's official page on that: This is an old, original iPad mini without a Retina display. I held that thought and asked Gary about the next option. As a humorous aide, the serial number on the back of an iPad is so small, Gary had to use the camera of his own iPhone, zoomed in, to read it.

Gary looked it up on the page I linked to above. With a cracked display, the recycle value from Apple was zero. Previously, TMO's Bryan Chaffin mentioned that Gazelle might give me more, based on his own experience, so I held that thought as well. About this time, my wife, who had been shopping in another store, arrived. She mentioned that since the iPad still functioned properly that we simply put a screen protector on it, to protect our fingers and call it good. I remembered that I had just written a Particle Debris column eight days previously that included a link to a Jonny Evans article: It would always reside on the coffee table.

So that's what we did. Our iPad mini looked ugly and was estimated to be dangerous to touch, but still operated normally. It was a prefect candidate for a screen protector to make sure the glass shards stayed put and we could get some salvage value from it. We've had iPads since and never used screen protectors because we treat our iPads well, and they have good cases. Plus, I never cared for the feel of that protective plastic. It seems to detract from the essence of the awesome iPad and isn't itself oleophobic.

And remember, a thin piece of plastic won't always prevent a crack caused by a blunt force impact. It will, however, likely keep glass bits from flying.

In our case, if the iPad mini had failed in some additional fashion, of course, it would be half way to the trash can, fondly remembered for its service but of no further use—except for maybe a few bucks from Gazelle. We also opted for an iPad mini 3. Coffee table ugly can't compete with that when it comes to making my wife happy.

cracked screen for ipad

We'll repair your iPhone, iPad or Galaxy wherever and whenever you want. Seriously.

Choose this device Samsung. If you have a newer version of the iPad, we outline some key differences on fixing newer screens in another post. It should be located near your headphone jack. Even cooler, the work is backed by our lifetime warranty. Color see all Color.

How Can I Fix a Cracked iPad Screen?

Computer Screen Protectors 5. Start by disconnecting the digitizer locking connector. Accept cookies and close this message. That's where iCracked comes in - our iPhone repair technicians have expertly repaired tens of thousands of phones and tablets over the years - there's literally not a problem we haven't seen and solved. Next comes the thin ambient light sensor connector that you will need to remove so you can put it on the new digitizer.

We'll repair your iPhone, iPad, or Galaxy wherever and whenever you want. Seriously.

cracked screen for ipad

Should you have any problems with your cell phone repair following your service, we willl get you fixed right up. You will need to unlock it from the rear panel with a simple snap. We recently profiled a handful of independent computer shops in New York , many of which specialize in Apple repairs. Screen Size see all Screen Size. Devices We Repair iPhone Repair: The answer was "Yes. Step 3 - You're back online. Otherwise you will have to work around to find the right fit and decide which cables are the closest to their connectors but it is still possible. Apple iPad 3rd Generation 1. Modified Item see all Modified Item. Replacing the screen will cost you as much, if not more, than simply taking your device to the Apple store. Choose this device iPad. What more could you ask for?

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Cracked screen for ipad
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